Election Reflections

As Election Day approaches for the municipal elections, I thought I would post a throwback to my own thoughts and feelings the night before the General Election back in November. If you are thinking about running for office or supporting a campaign in any way, this might be a relevant read for you. Enjoy!

Election Day is tomorrow! I am feeling a lot of emotions at once.

I’ve been campaigning for over a year—I started collecting my signatures to get on the ballot back in September 2017—so it’s hard to believe that this journey is ending.

I don’t know how it’ll go tomorrow. But I know that, win or lose, we’ve made a tangible difference.

I’ve involved people in our campaign who otherwise wouldn’t have prioritized voting in a midterm, much less participating in one.

I’ve made my opponents better elected officials by exposing them to my philosophy and my perspective.

I’ve set an example to my children of how, if you see a need, you can have confidence in yourself and you can set out to fill it.

I’ve learned SO much.

I’ve met dozens of selfless activists who have supported our campaign and given us encouragement when we most needed it, and who are making this world a better place and taking no credit—they are just quietly doing so much more than their share.

I’ve seen people step up, unite, encourage, inspire, support, cheer, sacrifice. I’ve done those things for others. I’ve been the grateful recipient of them.

Ashley, thank you for being my partner in all of this. You are kind and strong and you bring a lot of good to this world.

My husband and my kids: you are everything to me, and the fact that you’ve thrown yourselves into this journey with me is why I’m still standing up at the moment.

If you’ve helped me along this journey in any way, I thank you.

No matter what happens tomorrow, I’m reminding myself of all that has changed already.

Zahra Suratwala