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Centering Intersectional Feminism for the Win!

A webinar designed for feminists of all genders who experience white privilege.

This interactive workshop will explore:

-A brief overview of intersectional feminist analysis
-How to apply intersectional feminism to your organizing
-Body based tools for increasing resiliency and decreasing white fragility
-Exploring the relationship between whiteness and gender
-Taking an embodied approach to anti-racist leadership development

Leah jo Carnine is an organizer and family medicine health care practitioner in Tucson, Arizona. She’s been doing immigrant justice solidarity organizing and helped co-found SURJ chapters in Phoenix and Tucson. Leah’s passionate about the intersections of transformative healing and social justice.

Jes Kelley is a working class Southerner who takes seriously the responsibility of white people to continually educate ourselves around racism. She is a student of somatic therapy, a trainer with Icarus Project, an organizer with Resource Generation and trained with dismantling Racism Works. She believe that healing while rarely linear, is always possible.

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