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Meet & Greet with gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy

Meet Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy! Bring your questions and concerns about our state government. This event is free and open to all, but space is limited so you must register!

"Chris Kennedy is running for Governor to fix Illinois and restore opportunity in our state.  If we are going to restore the promise of this state we must also:

Change the way we fund our schools by funding schools with a progressive income tax and not property taxes.

Change the way we tax our citizens, by making sure that the wealthy pay their fair share.

Change a political system that helps the insiders and the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Much of this change starts and ends with the broken property tax system, where homeowners and small businesses pay more than their fair share and the wealthy and well-connected pay less.

Chris Kennedy is the son of Ethel and Robert Kennedy and the nephew of John F. Kennedy. Chris is a Kennedy Democrat and will bring his family’s values to the office of Governor."

To learn more about Chris, visit his website at

This meeting is part of Progressives for Change Meet the Candidates series. For more information, contact

Note: This event is for informational purposes only. Progressives for Change is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that does not endorse candidates.

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